Sunday, July 17, 2011

We LOVE these hair ties!

We have been so busy with Cattle Baron’s ball just a week away. I thought I would sneak a little post in here about these awesome hair bands. They are so great, there isn’t a metal part on the tie, so the band doesn’t crease your hair. They come in various colors, I of course, prefer neutral, Abigail likes only brown, the color of her hair, and Kelly likes all different colors! They also look great on you wrist and can look like trendy bracelets. If you live in Waco, you can buy them at Lane’s on Austin Avenue. If you live anywhere else Anthropologie carries them. I've also hear does as well. You have to look in the accessories section by the check out! They are a fun new alternative that happens to be super cute. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

deo for b.o.

Let's face it, we aren't teenagers anymore,  but our hormones are always changing and sometimes we wind up smelling like gym class, or like we used to put it "like recess".  I was talking with some friends about this very topic last weekend and then again it slipped into the conversation with another friend today.  The hunt for the perfect deodorant seems like a universal problem!  Earlier this year I finally found the solution and I am happy that I can share it with all our faithful readers.

I started using certain dri and only continued to use it for one to two days.  It dried under my arms but had no significant "good smell".  It definitely cured the sweat stains in shirts which was great, but I have sensitive skin so I only used it a handful of times.

Everyone thinks that secret clinical strength is the way to go, but I beg to differ.

Mitchum clinical strength is the absolute best!!!  Not only did it take care of sweat stains on shirts but it took care of any unwanted smells also!!  If you are looking for the perfect deodorant and ready to make the switch, we highly recommend mitchum clinical strength! you won't regret it, it's the deo for your b.o.

and we're off!

we are more than happy to announce the beginning of our blog.  it has been in the making for quite some time but now it was finally time to put the pen to the paper...or the fingers to the keyboard.  our blog will cover a broad area of topics from home, organization, beauty, fashion, and cleaning tips.  all of which play a very big part in our day to day lives.  we love to furnish our homes, we love learning about, using and telling others about new beauty products and we LOVE a good deal. hopefully we can share our tricks and tips with you.